Learn: hoop dance

Let me be your Hula Hoop instructor!! I love to share my passion, to inspire and have fun! I discovered hoop dance in 2012 and it quickly became my tool to achieve happiness, wellness and a deeper connection with my body & soul. This is exactly what made me decide to perform and teach hoop dance.


Qualifications:   Hooping Mad Advanced Teacher Training (2019) , Hoop Love Coach with Deanne Love (2017), and Pelvic Floor Trainer {2022). I can teach in English, German,  Italian, and Spanish. 


Hula Hoop class

tuesday   18:30 > 19:30

Adults Class, starting on 01.08.2023 in the Terrasse of Locke

Locke at East Side Gallery, Mühlenstraße 61-63 Berlin 10243.

Get fit have some fun! We will hoop, dance, and have a great time! We will focus on our waist, through the Hula Hoop workout will engage our core muscle, as well as improving our posture, build hand eye coordination much more. Each class will start with a warm up, on body off body hooping, some hoop tricks combination and a cool down. The class will be held in English or German. Urbansport Members Welcome.

hula hoop for kids

Thursday 17:00 >18:00

7 - 11 years

Each hula hoop class begins with a warm-up. We will then play with the hoop to increase awareness of different parts of the body. We will learn a variety of tricks and combine them into small sequences that will have the potential for a final choreography. The hula hoop workout will strengthen core muscles and abdominal muscles - while improving posture and hand and eye coordination. Creativity and movement are encouraged while having fun.

In Park, Friedrichshain, 10129 Berlin

hula hoop workshop

Hoop Dance Basic Workshop

Allow the hoop to give you a massage.  Feel it, bring awareness to different parts of your body! Find your inner child, explore movements, play and move your body. Get fit & have some fun!  Through the Hula Hoop workout you will engage your core muscle, abs, as well as improving your posture, build hand eye coordination, building upper body strength, improving memory skills, & having fun while keeping fit!

The workshops starts with a warm up, we will explore playing with the hoop in different body parts, we will learn some hoop tricks and combine them into a little sequences (combos), and it will end with a cool down and a smile on your face! Suitable for beginners, with variations for those who have more experience.


I can tailor made a class  according to your level, need and wishes. 

It can be also the perfect Gift / Present Idea for your Hoop Friend!

ON LINE can also be possible.

butterfly effect

In this 1 hour workshop, we will use our hoops as a magical tool to transform us into beautiful butterflies and enter fairyland! Combining several hoops together, we will connect with our inner selves, feeling the freedom in our movements and the beauty and amazingness of the universe.  You can fly high, if you want to! Use your imagination & creativity. Let a butterfly flapping its wings affect your flow. 

This Butterfly Effect Workshop has been created and presented at ” Hoopingmad Advanced Teacher Training 2019” at Tadah, Artist Habitat in Turkey.

Two hoops in one hand

In this workshop we will explore what it can be done by holding 2 hoops in 1 hand.  A variety of tricks will be demonstrated and combined in short sequences. Level: Intermediated and beginners. 


Hula hooping can be a great activity for kids. They will learn some simple movements, as well as have the opportunity to play some hoop games! Creativity and movement will be encouraged for an incredible hoop fun time! This workshop can be adjusted according to the age, time, and space available and can be combine with a hula hoop show. 

hula hoop HEN DO

Looking for Hen parties ideas in Berlin?  Book a hoop dance workshop as a surprise to celebrate the future bride and her friends!  It is the best idea for a Hen fitness party in Berlin Friedrichshain / Germany. It is a healthy and fun way to prepare for getting the "ring"! Contact me for further information to create your unique and special hen event in Berlin – a Hula Hoop performance and workshop for your party gang!

team building

Hula hoop can be a great funny & healthy team building activity. 


Hula hoop tutorials

More videos on my Youtube playlistHula Hoop Tutorials, Combo & Recaps! 

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I reccomand: HOOPLOVERS TV.

Deanne Love  offers great hoop tutorials and I have completed her Hoop Love Coach training. I am happy to share this affiliate link.

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