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Hula Hoop Performances in Berlin
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Hula Hoop Performances

Me aka Ka Whoops, I love to see people happy, smiling and having fun. I am energetic, enthusiastic, and creative.  Be it at a music festival, concert, wedding, or kids party - I love sharing hoop love everywhere and to bring good vibes!


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Learn how to hoop!
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Hula Hoop Workshops

Let me be your instructor!! I love to share my passion, inspire and have fun!  Allow the hula hoop to give you a massage, feel it and bring awareness to different parts of your body. Find your inner child, explore movements, dance and enjoy.  Through the Hula Hoop workout you will engage your core muscle, as well as improving your posture, build hand eye coordination, tone your upper-body, improve memory, you will be getting fit while having a good time!


Du willst Hula Hoop lernen in Berlin von einem zertifizierten Hoop Love Coach?

Kids hula hoop enterteinment

Kids Hoop Enterteinment
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Kids love Hula Hooping. Find more about this service:

Hula Hoop Party

Hula Hoop Hearts - Ka Whoops
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Make your special day unforgettable for all your guests!

Ka whoops´s services for Book a Street Artist

about Ka Whoops


Me, aka, Ka Whoops: I am a Hula Hoop performer and Instructor.

Qualified: Hooping Mad Advanced Teacher Training at Tadah (2019) and Hoop Love Coach certified Hoop Dance instructor (2017).

Playing with one or multiple hoops, letting my creativity flow within movements and creating geometrical pattern is my specialty.

I discovered hoop dance in 2012 and it quickly became my tool to achieve happiness, wellness and a deeper connection with my body & soul. This is exactly what made me decide to perform and teach hoop dance.


about hula hooping

Hoop Dance or simply hooping, is the art of dancing using a hoop, manipulating the object and moving with it. It has a long history from the antique Greeks to nowadays, getting influenced by the rhythmic gymnastics, circus and flow art. It is an amazing way, to exercise while having fun!

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