Hula Hoop Shows

Photo by Ovi Dumitra 


Yeah!!! Everybody, who loves light effects in movement will enjoy this show particularly.  The LED Hoop Lights Show can be performed with a single hoop or with multiple hoops.  Beautiful patterns will be created moving along the rhythm of the music.

It can be improvised on your favorite tunes. Or it can be especially choreographed by a given music of your choice.

Ready for the "WOW"?


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Bella Belle is a brilliant multi-hooping Hula Hoop act, that goes with a swing! It is: "smooth and soft like caramel"! Performed with colorful UV hoops or with brightful LED smart Hoops.  


Technical details:  4 minutes, 4 hoops.

Minimum space: 2mt x 2mt.

1,2,3 Hula Hoops Show

Carousel is a funny romantic stunning performance with up to three hoops. This hula hoop show can be described as a mix between a fairytale & a freak show!

It is a perfect fit for variety or dinner shows and can be performed also with 3 Led Hoops.


Technical details: 4 min. 3 hoops,

Minimum space: 2mt x 2mt.

Previous Hula Hoop Shows


 Since 2015, I had the chance to perform for several occasion such as: Circus Charivari, Jugglers Park 2019, Berlin

Kleinkunst-Preis, 66. Steglitzer Woche 2018  in Berlin and abroad. I also performed for Festival, Hula Hoop Conventions, private events, including birthday parties, weddings, street show & more.



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