Hula Hoop Shows

I offer choreographed hula hoop acts and performances with multiple UV reactive or LED SMART hoops.

Given time I can also tailor a show specifically to your event.

My performances are the perfect fit for cabaret evenings, dinner shows, corporate or special events. 

Please get in contact if you require specific footage or more information.  

Technical details: minimum space 2mt x 2mt x 3mt high



1, 2, 3, 4…need I say more? This fantastic show uses up to 24 colorful hoops! Be amazed as the performance transforms from a singular hoop display into a slinky effect bonanza.

Photo Credit: Allan Portraits
Photo Credit: Allan Portraits
Photo Credits: Jürgen Scheer
Photo Credits: Jürgen Scheer


Photos credits: Ovi Dumitra 

Yeah!!! Everyone, particularly those who love light effects in movement will enjoy this show.  Beautiful patterns will be created in sync with the rhythm of the music.

The show can be especially choreographed to music of your choice.

Ready for the “WOW"?


Find out more about the Hula Hoop LED girl


Photograph: Debbie Maidment
Photograph: Debbie Maidment

Do you like bright, fluorescent colors? Impress your audience and yourself with UV colorful hoops. With complementing costumes and make-up, this performance takes place under a black light.  Make the show happen!


Photos credits: Ovi Dumitra
Photos credits: Ovi Dumitra

The Dancing Fairy creates a good mood for young and old! Performed during the day with pure-white wings or at night with Led Wings. It can be accompanied by a live DJ or be choreographed.

Kids Hula Hoop Entertainment

The Kids Hoop Entertainment consists of a Hoop Show and an active play time. The kids will have the opportunity to give hooping a try! They will learn some simple movements, as well as have the opportunity to play some hoop games! Creativity and movement will be encouraged for an incredible hoop fun time! This workshop can be adjusted according to the age, time, and space available.

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